Laylani Meraz-Medrano - 0

12/4/2018 - 12/4/2018

Rockford Illinois

Laylani Meraz-Medrano died Tuesday December 4th, 2018 at Rockford Memorial Hospital. She was the Baby Girl of Gennesis Medrano and Daniel Meraz. 


Survived by her Parents:


Maternal side: 

Grandmother: Armida Moreno  

Grandfather: Miguel Medrano 

Uncles: Kevin R. Medrano, Michael Medrano, Fernando Moreno 

Great Grandparents: Juan and Juana Medrano, Juan Moreno


Paternal side: 

Grandmother: Maria Saucedo 

Grandfather: Matheo Meraz

Uncle: Jesus Meraz 

Aunt: Nicole Meraz 

Great Grandparents: Marcelino Saucedo and Maria Gomez


Preceded in death by:  Cousin: Adanari M. Ortega, Uncle: Guillermo Murillo Jr., Great Grandparents: Genoveva Llamas, Elodio Meraz-Cortez and Fransisca Camacho-Aguilar



Funeral Service will Tuesday December 11, 2018 Time 11:00a.m. at the Sundberg Funeral Home, 215 North 6th Street, Rockford, Illinois.  Burial will follow at Calvary Cemetery. Friends call from 6:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m. on Monday December 12th, 2018 at the Funeral Home.


In memorial of baby Laylani, we ask that you wear white clothing.


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